Jenevive Desroches

Fantasy Author

About Jenevive Desroches

Jenevive has always lived with books. Stories brought to life by pen and paper and ink that would otherwise have lived only in the mind of the author. By the ripe old age of 13, she was convinced she wanted to write.

In high school, she fell madly in love with Aurthorian Legend when she read The Once And Future King, and with writing as a way to explore society in the pages of I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. But somewhere between Maya Angelou and Triganometry, she realized that writing was a silly, fluffy thing to do. So she put aside her notebook and her pencil and her stories and picked up a calculator and rather a lot of text books. She dove head first into the world of logic and science and computers, planning to teach Mathematics, and found herself buried in as much creativity as she thought she'd left behind.

In her senior year of college, she became reacquainted with her lost love, this time in the form of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Mists of Avalon. The reunion started an on-going adoration of all forms of fantasy and science fiction, but she hesitated to pick up a pen. She had her life and her family to take care of.

Until one day, there just wasn't enough work to fill the time. She found another story, lost herself in it, and this time experiencing wasn't enough. The story sparked ideas that had to be put on a page. Stories that had to be told, and had to be told by her.

And that was the beginning of this end.

Jenevive Desroches now lives and writes in Portland, Oregon with many of her loved ones and her cat. When not in front of a keyboard or spending time with her family, she fills her days with gardening, fiber arts, educational work, and of course, reading.